How To Hire The Right Moving Professionals!

Here are a few principles that should be followed that will make it easier for you to choose the right moving company for your move.

The Basics:

One of the main things to consider when choosing a moving company is what will be involved with packing. Decide on exactly what it is that is going to be moved and also consider how the things you are not going to move will be disposed of.

Consider who will be packing and dismantling your possessions- will it be you or the mover? This must be taken into consideration because moving companies usually charge extra for this service.

Ask the mover you are considering about any costs that will not be included in the estimate. Ask about any possible extra charges and how they are applied and in what cases are they applied. Make sure the mover you’re considering answers these questions with detailed and exact information.

Is A Mover Trustworthy?

Always research a moving company’s license, credibility, and reputation. Any reputable moving company should be accredited and registered with the Department of transportation.

Never choose a moving company that is not licensed and always rely on official sources of information like the Department of Transportation along with written documentation.

Always read any information you are given about a moving company and be sure to pay extra attention to any small print that may not be easily noticed at first.

Choosing A Moving Company And Saving Money

Always look for a mover that is both reliable and affordable. Your goal here should be to get your moving done within a certain budget and also getting good service within that budget.

Compare different written estimates and when getting an estimate from a moving company make sure you discuss every specific on your move with them to get a more accurate estimate.

You need to make sure your moving company has detailed information on your things that will be moved, possible moving dates, any large and heavy furniture like a piano or a sofa that will be moved and also if moving these items will involve traversing a staircase.

These are all questions you should ask moving companies before making your final choice on which mover you decide to go with.

Also discuss any possible problems that may arise during the move. Things like parking places for the moving truck along with other possibilities. You can talk with the moving company about what you can do to help in case any problems may arise during the move.

Any reliable moving company will let you know how much any extra charges will be in accordance with their price list and also they will let you know what you can do to help solve any problems that may arise.

Any good moving company should be happy to give you exact information openly and directly.

You should also research a moving company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau. Here you can find any complaints that may have been filed against them and how they dealt with solving the problem.

Your Pre-Move Checklist

free-checklistHere are some practical step-by-step tips that will make the misery of packing, moving, and settling in much easier for you to live through.

3 weeks before you move:

This is the time that all prescription for your family and your pets should be filled, packed, and readied for your move.

Try to dispose of or give away any flammable materials.

1 Week Before Your Move:

Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are defrosted and allow air drying for preventing mildew.

Transfer your checking and savings accounts to your you bank.

Make sure the fuel and oil are trained from your lawn mowers and also make sure your water hoses are all drained.

If you have items that will be taken in your car with you pack them and label them “do not move”

Taking it valuable to have from your safe deposit box, your drawers, and jewelry cases along with your personal records and pack them to take with you.

Take clothing, draperies, curtains, and rugs out for cleaning and leave them wrapped. Also, make sure your curtain rods,shelves, and your TV antenna are taken down.

Cerberus your car for the trip and make sure your insurance papers are in the glove box.

Moving Day:

This is the big day and make sure you have a box of basic necessities packed that you will need for your move-in. Things like handy tools, paper products, and household cleaning items. These all should be the last loaded so you can access the first thing when you get to your new home.

Make sure your suitcases are all packed for the trip at all your bed linens should be removed.

Be accessible in case any items on the inventory list need to be checked.

Do a last-minute walk-through with the van operator and make sure all windows are closed, closets are empty, the lights are out and the doors are all locked.

Some Do’s And Some Don’ts

Keep your copy of inventory, things like your bill of lading, your order for service, your estimate, your household numbers to call. All of these things should be kept with you in your person with your move begins. These items should not be packed with the shipment.

Make sure all liquids, cleansers, and shampoos are all carefully wrapped in plastic or in liners.

Remember that no flammables should ever be packed as it is dangerous and against the law.

Make sure your PC and copies of your files are backed up. These can be put in a scratch diskette to park your hard drive. Your PC should be packed in the original carton and make sure all your CDs are taken out of your player and put back in their cases.

Always moisten your plants before putting them in a carton.

It is prohibited for professional movers to move any plants unless the delivery is scheduled within 24 hours or is less than 150 miles away.

Mover’s Estimates – Avoid The Scams

No-scam-zone-movingOne of the most important thing you can do to make sure you don’t get taken by a mover’s estimate is to research several different moving companies and get estimates from each of them.

This is not something that is not fun or enjoyable but it can give you a ballpark figure to go by to make sure the new company you choose is not taking advantage of you.

When you do get an estimate from the moving company you should keep in mind that many times the estimate they keep you this that take into consideration any necessary special handling for breakable items, or having to disassemble and reassemble furniture items plus the transportation of any vehicles or other large items you may be moving.

Moving companies will also asked you have any furniture items you will be moving. This will be included in all estimates but ask the moving company you are looking into how much extra they charge for moving all the boxes packed with your things. This will help you avoid an unpleasant and unexpected surprise from the moving company in the form of a bill that is much higher than the original estimate.

If possible, the best thing you can do for yourself would be to find a moving company that makes house calls. That way you could have a representative visit the house you’re moving from and personally surveyed what you have and what all needs to be moved.

This will give you a much better chance for a realistic estimate plus you will have that written estimate in your hands when the representative leaves.

Two Kinds Of Estimates:

There are two different kinds of estimates you can choose from. These are binding estimates and non-bonding estimates.


Many people believe a binding estimate is best but that is not necessarily always true. The best choice of estimate depends on each individual situation. Binding estimates are much more tedious and involved because they are based on a highly detailed assessment of what your belongings. It takes extra time for the movers to put together this information and they will charge you for that extra time. If the quote you gets seems excessive you take into consideration the total value of your possessions.
One good thing about a binding estimate is the fact that it is, binding. This means that if the move takes longer than expected or the weight of your possessions is more than expected, you are legally bound only to pay the amount agreed on in the contract.


Nonbinding estimates are usually lower than binding estimates and for good reason. Nonbinding estimates are based on an assessment of how long your move will take to complete and also the total weight of your possessions.
Many times, be it intentional or not intentional a move may take longer than expected. If this happens, will be charged more for your move. On the other hand, if your move takes less time than expected and your possessions weigh less than expected you will be charged less.
Choosing between a binding and nonbinding estimate really depends upon each unique situation. For someone that is young and not completely settled with not much furniture to move, and nonbinding estimate would probably be best for the situation.

If you have been living in your own house for a number of years and you have accumulated a lot of possessions and furniture, a binding estimate would probably be your best choice.


Before making your final decision between a binding and nonbinding estimate, consider your situation and base your decision on that.

How To Pack Your Glassware – Staying Safe

fragileYour glassware will be one of the easiest things to become damaged during your move.

The following are tips to follow for moving your glassware items like cups, bowls, plates, vases, and tabletops to prevent damaging them on the way to your new home.

Packing Glassware For Moving

Either newspaper or bubble wrap should be used for packing your glassware. If you have any crystal glasses or any other crystal objects these should be packed securely in bubble-wrap.

Any plastic bowls or plates can be safely wrapped with 2 layers of newspaper to prevent damage.

Packing Your Glassware Into boxes

Your plates and your bowls will be the easiest to stack into their box and as you arrange your glassware into its box place two layers of newspaper at the bottom of the box first and also place a layer or two of newspaper in between the layers of glassware packed into the box. Any gaps you see in the box your packing your glassware into should be filled with crumpled up newspaper to prevent shifting and breakage.

It is always best to use small to medium sized boxes for packing your glassware and also try to avoid filling up the box completely with your heaviest glassware only.

Arrange one or two layers of your glassware into the box and at the top section of the box pack something light like rags or towels. This will make the blogs easier for you to carry and the box will not rupture from being overloaded.

Make sure you also remember to always label boxes that contain your glassware as “Fragile” or “Glassware.”

Packing A Glass Table Top

Extreme care should be taken when packing a glass tabletop moving. If you have enough bubble wrap on hand it would be best to use that by wrapping it around the tabletop and secure it with duct tape.

If you do not have enough bubble wrap for that, cardboard from other boxes could be used effectively. If you will be using cardboard wrap your glass tabletop, take two big pieces of cardboard and wrap them around both sides of the glass tabletop and secure it with duct tape and after that you can use blankets for extra wrap.

Another option for you moving your glass tabletop would be to use a crate. You could make one of these yourself or ask your moving company to supply you with one or make you one.

Always place your glass tabletop on its edge inside the box and inside the truck for safety and always use plenty of cushioning material like crumpled packing paper or popcorn paper. Crumpled newspaper will also work.

It will probably be best for you to hire professional movers for packing and moving your glassware.